Israeli PM Netanyahu appoints new spy chief for Mossad

Israeli Prime Minister has selected a new spy chief for intelligence service, Mossad.

According to Anadolu agency, Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said on Tuesday that ​​​​​​​ the name of the new chief has not been revealed for security reasons.​​​​​​​

However, it has been announced that the new chief is currently serving as deputy head of the service.

He will succeed incumbent spymaster, Yossi Cohen, who took office in 2016 and is due to retire soon.

Cohen’s role was predominant in the normalization agreements between Israel and a number of Arab countries.

US-Israel delegation heading to Morocco: report

According to a report quoted by Anadolu agency on Tuesday, a joint US-Israeli delegation will be paying official visit to Morocco during next week in order to discuss Tel Aviv’s resumption of diplomatic relations with Morroco as part of first-ever direct flight from Tel Aviv to Rabat

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner will lead the US delegation. He will be accompanied with Israeli national security advisor Meir Ben Shabbat as well as White House envoy Avi Berkowitz, International Development Finance Corporation CEO Adam Boehler, and senior Israeli officials.

It will take place a week and a half after President said the US would recognize Moroccan sovereignty over a disputed region to the southwest of Morocco’s internationally-recognized border.

Trump’s controversial recognition came in exchange for Rabat opening diplomatic ties with Israel, the fourth such Arab nation to do so under the US president.

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