On January 28 of this year, presented his
friend with the Deal of the Century, announced in a public
ceremony at the White House. Trump allowed Netanyahu to annex settlements to
Israel and gave the Palestinians a state on the way – in essence it’s a client
state. In the third round of elections in March 2020, in order to gain 61 seats
in the Knesset and to hurdle his prosecution process in court , Bibi needed
this agreement, and especially its accompanying glorious ceremony, like oxygen.
The end is known. The goal was not achieved, and Bibi was forced to swallow the
poison pill and form a parity coalition with the Blue and White faction,
agreeing to transfer government authority to Benny Gantz in November 2021. Added
to this was the COVID-19 epidemic that reduced Netanyahu’s political
maneuvering space, not to mention bringing down his good friend Trump.

Meanwhile, the Deal of the Century, known from the onset to
be a colossal failure, has fallen out of favor. The annexation was not
implemented for the simple reason that the cake could not be eaten and left whole,
meaning that it was impossible to annex the West Bank and leave the Palestinian
Authority on its feet. No wonder no one took responsibility for this farce. Yet
miracle of miracles, a new farce immediately emerged – the peace agreement with
the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was produced by Jared Kushner, the master
mind of the failed Deal of the Century. This is not surprising. At the same White
House ceremony in January, where the settlers were the guests of honor, UAE
Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba gathered alongside the ambassadors of Oman and
Bahrain. These are countries that place their trust in the Trump
administration, whose Middle East policy is based on isolation of Iran while
giving full support for Saudi policy.

Yousef Al Otaiba is a man of Trump and a friend of Kushner. He
is thus a friend of Netanyahu. As we recall, the latter did everything to
overthrow the Democrats. We still remember his speech in Congress, on March
2015,  coming out against Obama’s Iran policy.
was and remains the winning card of Netanyahu and the Saudis, and
he is the glue that unites Israel with the “moderate Sunni axis.”
This is the same axis, which, unfortunately, the Israeli left also sees as a
basis for achieving “regional peace.” It turns out that their bitter
rival, “crime minister” Bibi Netanyahu, fulfilled the Israeli left’s
dream through his agreement with the Emirates. They celebrate this achievement
with him at the beginning of Shabbat, but demonstrate in front of his house at
the end of Shabbat.

Thus, the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin
Zaid, known colloquially as MBZ, saved Israel from the nightmare of annexation,
which makes Israeli apartheid official and final. In fact, the Zionist left celebrates
twice, both for the “regional peace” and perhaps postponement of
elections which it had no chance of winning. And not only is the Zionist left
celebrating, but with them are also celebrating the Republicans, who are doing
everything in their power to escape a painful defeat in the upcoming November
elections. And what is more effective than relieving the pain of COVID-19 with
another peace ceremony on the White House lawn? With a reality in which daily over
50,000 are diagnosed and 1,500 die day from COVID-19 in the United States,
America is experiencing one of the worst health, economic and social crises in
its history. Trump is living in denial.

Trump is experiencing his last days in power and is doing
everything to postpone the end: he is harming the postal service to delay
mail-in ballots, attacking vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris while
spreading a false theory that she is ineligible to be president as her parents
are immigrants, supporting opening of the school year despite the spread of the
pandemic, attacking epidemiological experts for warning of a health
catastrophe, and more and more delusional acts in the hope they will prevent his

His dear friend Netanyahu is doing exactly the same thing,
all to thwart his trial on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust that
is due to open in January, just days before the next American president takes
office. Netanyahu sends public letters raising baseless accusations against the
state attorney, his wife gives delusional interviews, he conducts press conferences
that show achievements when in reality the health and economic crisis worsens.
All the while the government is engaged in quarrels and Netanyahu relentlessly
acts to provoke another round of elections so he can attain the 61 seats that
will save his skin.

What does MBZ have to do with all this? He himself does not
need elections as he has no parliament and no coalition. He is the sole ruler
of a union of seven tiny emirates with a population of 10 million, only 1.5 million
of them are citizens. The rest are workers, or more accurately foreign slaves
whose job it is to serve the locals, who enjoy a high standard of living. It is
a totalitarian country like its sisters in the Persian Gulf, facing two enemies
different in nature: the ayatollahs’ regime in neighboring Iran, and the youth
movement that demands democracy in the Arab world. In the face of two such
powerful enemies, MBZ requires serious allies: the United States, and the
regional power, Israel, which is how we reached “regional peace” with
the “moderate” Sunni states.

The claim that the Gulf states are moderate is, of course,
an Israeli fairy tale. Saudi Arabia is the major propagandist of radical
Wahhabi Islam from which bin Laden grew, with two of the perpetrators of the
September 2001 attack on the Twin Towers being citizens of the Emirates. Until
the outbreak of the Arab Spring, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
operated behind the scenes. But with overthrow of the Mubarak regime by
Egyptian youth in January 2011, and election of Mohamed Morsi  as president following the first democratic
and free elections in Egyptian history, the Emirates became active in thwarting
any democratic change in the region that could endanger the dark regimes. The
money of the Emirates funded the military coup that brought General Sisi to
power, the UAE is actively involved in the civil war in Libya, and is a key
factor in the civil war in Yemen, all the while committing war crimes against innocent
Yemenite civilians.

Peace with Israel is meant to deter Iran, and not by chance.
The Israeli bombings in Syria, the cyber war against vital Iranian facilities,
the assassination of nuclear scientists, theft of the Iranian nuclear archive
by the Israeli Mossad, all of these proved to the Saudis and their partners the
efficiency of Israel, and they are an important entry ticket to regional peace.
And one more important thing: Israeli cyber capabilities help not only to deter
Iran, but also the citizens of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE, who demand
freedom of expression, democracy and equal rights for women, for which they are
persecuted and sent to lengthy prison terms without a fair trial. The Israeli
electronic surveillance software Pegasus, for example, helped Saudi Crown
Prince Mohammed bin Salman, or MBS, eliminate journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Finally, it should be noted that the regional peace so
favored by the Israeli left buries peace with the Palestinians, and ostensibly proves
the correctness of the right-wing thesis that regional peace does not require
peace with the Palestinians. A simple problem remains – Netanyahu’s
relinquishment of West Bank annexation does not eliminate the occupation.
Israelis may be able to spend time in Abu Dhabi malls, but Palestinians will
continue to be imprisoned within the Separation Wall without a minimum of human
and civil rights. Preventing annexation does not at all promote establishment
of a Palestinian state and a two-state solution, but rather buries the idea
deep in the ground.

It turns out that regional peace and the normalization of
relations with Arab countries inevitably leads to the normalization of
apartheid, and enables anyone who wants to forget about the Palestinians to
enjoy the fruits of peace without them. The political fruits of the agreement
will be reaped by the three best men – Trump, Netanyahu and MBZ. Yet reality
will continue to knock on their doors. The democratic processes that began in
Cairo in 2011 will be unstoppable, and toward January 2021, the fate of Trump
and Netanyahu will be decided. One on election day, and the other in the
Jerusalem District Court. It seems that regional peace is doomed to a fate
similar to the fate of the Deal of the Century.

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