Kuwait Interior Minister Faces No Confidence Motion at Parliament

Kuwait’s Interior Minister Anas al-Saleh will face on Wednesday a motion of no confidence at the National Assembly after a debriefing request submitted by MP Shuaib Muwaizri.

The minister, who also serves as deputy prime minister and minister of state for government affairs, is likely to survive the vote after the government on Monday renewed its support for him. It said the “convincing and realistic” answers he provided during his grilling will persuade the parliament to renew its confidence in him.

The government appeared satisfied with the measures Saleh has taken in wake of the security recordings case, which led to the suspension of the state security chief and seven officers. The case has also been referred to the general prosecution.

On Sunday, Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah had expressed full confidence in the efforts of the security institution and judiciary in delivering a “just punishment” for any wrongdoing, while also throwing his support behind the interior minister.

The leaks sparked outrage in Kuwait with security officials being suspected of spying on prominent Kuwaiti figures, including lawmakers and journalists.

Separately, and in wake of the government’s vow to form committee to probe corruption in the country, the supreme judicial council ordered on Tuesday the suspension of seven judges on charges of money-laundering.

They are suspected of cooperating with an Iranian detainee in carrying out their illicit activities.

The Iranian was detained by Kuwait in mid-July. He was arrested along with an Egyptian, Iraqi and two Kuwaiti nationals during a security raid on the Bnaider neighborhood.

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