The man of the day. Maher Al Akhras

Arrested in July by the Israeli occupation forces, Maher Al Akhras, a Palestinian activist, was placed in administrative detention. That is to say that neither he nor his lawyers have been informed of the charges against him, and that he can remain in prison for six months, detention renewable at the will of the Israeli Minister of the Interior. To protest against this arbitrary confinement, Maher Al Akhras has decided to start a hunger strike. On this October 16, it has been 83 days since he stopped feeding. The Israeli Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Akhras’ legal request for release. Several Palestinian politicians have sounded the alarm bells about the deterioration of his state of health. “We are extremely concerned about the dangerous deterioration of the state of Al Akhras and demand his freedom,” said Youssef Jabareen, member of the Knesset, elected from the Joint List. The Supreme Court “Gave, once again, judicial legitimation to the occupation and the violation of Palestinian rights.” Palestinian Authority Prime Minister also called for the “Immediate release” from Al Akhras. Israel’s human rights group B’Tselem said on Tuesday that the prisoner was “On the verge of death”. In a video message from his hospital bed, Akhras said the purpose of his hunger strike was “Either freedom for my family and my children, or my murder in the name of their false justice”.

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