National Day is an opportunity for us to make Qatar a role model

General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti has said the National Day of Qatar, which falls on December 18 each year, is an occasion to renew loyalty to our wise leadership, and an opportunity to recall the generosity of our beloved country Qatar and strive to make it a role model to be followed and a beacon among countries.
In a statement to Qatar News Agency on the occasion of the National Day, Katara General Manager said that thanks to God, Qatar has a wise leadership that has developed a clear vision based on the values, principles and foundations of the national identity, and on every National Day the slogans are quotes from the poems by the founder of Qatar Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani, stressing that these words reinforce the authentic values for which our ancestors had been raised in.
The National Day’s celebrations, al-Sulaiti said, encourage Qatari people to work and exert every effort to make more achievements that develop our country at various levels.
Al-Sulaiti congratulated His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and reaffirmed allegiance and loyalty to the wise leadership, stressing that efforts will continue to make Katara a cultural beacon from Qatar to the whole world.
On the most important achievements Katara has achieved in 2020 in light of its plans emanating from the National Strategy 2018-2022 and how these plans are proceeding in light of the current challenges, al-Sulaiti said that this year was exceptional and difficult for everyone, and they inevitably had to face this challenge and proceed with their goals in line with the procedures of this stage, pointing out that one of the most prominent events organised last October was the fourth edition of the International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (S’hail), which was a great challenge that was overcome, in addition to the International Handicrafts and Traditional Productions Cultural Market and the 10th edition of Katara Festival of Traditional Bearings on December 1. He pointed out that the Cultural Village Foundation, at the beginning of the pandemic, prepared an integrated programme of events on its various social media accounts, and was keen that the programme provide activities that suit all age groups and meet all interests, referring to various competitions that held remotely, including awareness, educational and religious competitions, in addition to Katara Summer Events 2020, which included a series of distinct and varied activities.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, Katara has organised several charitable campaigns and initiatives, including an initiative in co-operation with Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), through which a Ramadan basket was distributed to needy families, an initiative in co-operation with Katara restaurants, through which ready Iftar meals were distributed daily in the southern area of the Cultural Village, and a campaign in co-operation with Katara Forum for Qatari Farmers and QRCS, through which five tonnes of vegetables per day were distributed to those in need in Qatar, in addition to the various activities such as virtual exhibitions, lectures and meetings in various educational fields, al-Sulaiti said, noting that it has been proven through all these events that culture is flexible and can adapt to various circumstances, and that it is also a vital thing in building the individual and the society.
He also explained that Katara, like all ministries and institutions in the country, was committed to all precautionary measures to prevent the spread of , and relied on remote work in most of the activities and events that were held in the period from April to October 2020, adding that with the beginning of the gradual lifting of the ban on exhibitions, Katara organised events on the ground with the highest safety standards.
Al-Sulaiti said it was learned from the wise leadership that every challenge is an opportunity that we take advantage of at various levels, pointing out that they have an experience with the start of the blockade, and now with this global pandemic, the spirit of solidarity and loyalty to this dear country has emerged, as various initiatives have proven that the Qatari citizen is highly qualified and can do a lot for this country.

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