A Sinn Féin TD who said that he had called to party members’ homes to raise issues with their social media activity previously shared Facebook posts questioning whether the September 11 attacks were faked using holograms.

Martin Browne, a newly elected Sinn Féin TD from Tipperary, also shared a post in 2017 which cast doubt on whether Syrian leader used chemical weapons on his own people.

Mr Browne defended the party earlier this week on his local radio station following controversy over how Sinn Féin dealt with criticism on social media from one of its members.

Sinn Féin TD Martin Browne shared posts questioning if 9/11 was faked with holograms

A post shared by Mr Browne about Assad

Christine O’Mahony, a young activist, left Sinn Féin after a senior party member called to her house to demand she delete tweets that were critical of the

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