Syria tycoon Rami Makhlouf: Those profiting from war threaten my life

Syrian tycoon Rami Makhlouf said yesterday that individuals who are profiting from war have sent him messages threatening to seize whatever remains of his assets.

In a long post on Facebook, Makhlouf called on his cousin, Syrian regime President Bashar Al-Assad to protect him from those who profit from war and who have been attempting to liquidate his assets and strike the economy.

Makhlouf claimed the “war profiteers” have recently asked him to “yield to their requests or receive judicial orders to hand over what is left of his assets”.

He called to put an end to their coercive and fraudulent practices and to hold them accountable along with those who support them within the security apparatus.

In September, Makhlouf claimed the war profiteers were carrying out the largest fraud operation in the Middle East under the protection of security personnel.

“These wealthy people were not satisfied with impoverishing the country, but rather they turned to loot humanitarian institutions and their projects by selling their assets and leaving them without projects or income to impoverish the poor and prevent them from finding an outlet to survive,” he said on Facebook.

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