Five people were arrested in northwestern Turkey attempting to flee into Greece, A News reported yesterday.

Citing security sources, the five people were arrested in the Mandakoru area of Kypsela (Κύψελα, Turkish: İpsala) district in Adrianoupoli (Αδριανούπολη, Turkish: Edirne) province in northwest Turkey.

Two of the arrested are accused of belonging to the Fethullah Gülen movement. Gülen was once an ally of Turkish President but their relationship fell apart.

Five people arrested attempting to flee Turkey for Greece, two accused of being Gülenists
Fethullah Gülen.

Erdoğan blames Gülen, who lives in exile in Pennsylvania, for the 2016 coup attempt.

It has become a regular feat that Turkish citizens seek asylum in Greece to escape Erdoğan’s authoritarianism.

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