Over 90 percent of Turks approve of Albayrak resignation – survey

(This article has been updated with Metropoll’s study on the same subject)

More than 90 percent of Turkish citizens support the resignation of former Finance Minister and President ’s son-in-law Berat Albayrak, according a new survey by Avrasya polling.

A total of 90.2 of participants in the survey maintained that Albayrak was unsuccessful during his two year run as top finance official and are pleased with his decision to step down, Avrasya head Kemal Özkiraz reported on his official YouTube channel.

Albayrak’s surprise resignation announced over social media on Nov. 8 follows a rough period in the Turkish economy, which saw the country recovering from a currency crisis in 2018, only to be hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The lira has lost 40 percent of its value during Albayrak’s reign, prompting criticism of his stewardship.

The Avrasya poll asked participants whether Turkey was currently in a financial crisis, receiving a wide range of responses based on party affiliation.

A total of 24 percent of Erdoğan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) agreed that the country’s economy was in crisis, while among AKP’s junior coalition partner, the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) supporters, this figure rose to 57.2 percent.

Meanwhile 78.9 percent of main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) supports said the country was facing a financial crisis.

Only 30.9 percent of AKP supporters said they believed the country’s economy would improve over the next year, followed by 21.2 percent of MHP supporters.

Only one percent of CHP supporters expressed optimism for Turkey’s economy in the upcoming year. 

The survey arrives weeks after an announcement of comprehensive judicial and economic reforms announced by President .

But only small percentage of 10 percent of Turkey blames Albayrak for the trajectory

of the country’s economy, according to an October survey by pollster Metropoll.

“Albayrak’s resignation appears to have benefitted the AKP,’’ Metropoll head Özer Sencar said on Twitter, where he shared the survey’s results.

“Even though there has been no change in distress of subsistence, there has been an improvement in the perception of the economy, leading to an increase in support for the AKP,’’ Sencar added.

Meanwhile, a total of 63.6 percent of those surveyed by Metropoll said Turkey was taking a turn for the worse, Metropoll head Özer Sencar said on Twitter.

Thirty-six percent of AKP’s supporters had negative view of the direction the country was headed in, while this figure was 38 percent among AKP ally MHP supporters.

An overwhelming 94 percent of CHP supporters surveyed maintained a negative outlook on the country’s future.

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