Peaceful coexistence depends on rationality, liberal values

Under the title “Shifting Dynamics: The International Order in a Post-Pandemic World,” TRT World Forum this year covered a wide range of issues that concern many countries worldwide.

The world is facing a unique period where we are faced with a global problem that creates economic, social and psychological problems that need global solutions. However, unfortunately, the more we need globalism, the more countries are shifting away from it.

President gave a keynote speech at the event. He said: “We are required to making substantial changes in our personal relations, the economy, shopping methods and in many other areas. We see that media, politics and international relations have also been influenced by this wave of change … It is disgraceful how media outlets continue to be the standard-bearers of anti-Islamism and xenophobia.”

This is a very important and sad fact. The coronavirus pandemic does not differentiate between race or religion hence it should remind the world that discrimination is wrong and artificial. But instead of raising this awareness, the mainstream Western media and big economies like the U.S. and the European Union seem to be pursuing a policy of discrimination even more.

Muslims in Europe are being targeted almost every day. They are scapegoated and labeled in countries where the far-right is on the rise.

It is becoming more and more difficult to live as a practicing Muslim in the West. This is giving rise to hatred and anger among Muslim societies combined with the already existing problems stemming from the pandemic. The governments in Europe are playing with fire.

If a protest breaks out, it can have disastrous effects. Look at France. Do you think that people are only protesting against a security regulation? There is more to it. Everyone with a sense of rationality should be alarmed.

We need liberal values. We need leaders who give humanistic messages. We need multireligious, multiethnic, multicultural societies based on justice.

Erdoğan reminded us that Europe and all of humanity will suffer unless there is a change in attitude.

These are crucial remarks. We can come out of this together or everyone will lose. The world should learn from the important lessons of the coronavirus crisis, but the majority of the European politicians just seem to be concerned with saving the day.

They continue their divisive and discriminatory policies toward their citizens. However, in order to come out of this, we have to decipher the power of unification. TRT World Forum this year tried to focus on this issue in a broad sense with its internationally distinguished speakers.

I hope the world listens.

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