Turkish presidency says judicial, economic reform will impact foreign policy positively

Turkey’s Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalın said the government’s plans to begin a new era of reforms to the economy and judiciary will have a positive impact on foreign policy, state-run Anadolu news agency reported.

“It will make our work-flow faster both at home and abroad. This will have many positive effects on the economy, politics, society, and foreign policy,” Anadolu cited Kalın as saying during a televised interview at the weekend.

Turkish President has said that the government is working on new economic policies based on finance and macroeconomic stability. Turkey’s new reform period will also emphasise human rights improvements and closer ties to the European Union, he said.

Kalın said retaining the balance between security and freedom was essential as the government fights terrorism.

“Taking steps to maintain balance marks a period that will make us free, democratic, and safe,” he said.

The Turkish government has intensified a crackdown on opposition voices, detaining thousands of military personnel, public servants, academics, writers and journalists it accuses of terror links, especially after the failed military coup of July 2016, prompting criticism by its Western allies.

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