Cutler and Benninghoff are trying to subvert a legal election | PennLive letters

State House Speaker Bryan Cutler and House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff are trying to subvert the rights of voters in the November election. I am registered as an Independent voter, who cast a mail-in ballot. According to them, this ballot was not legal and they are attempting to have my ballot and others like it nullified.

It does not matter if their efforts succeed, because they are setting a dangerous precedent, which is un-American as it attempts to cast doubt on the integrity of the election and subvert the rights of voters. Will this become a standard practice in future elections where losing candidates will not concede and will attempt to discredit the votes for their opponents?

These two sycophants, wittingly or unwittingly, are furthering the goals of , who wants to discredit the integrity of our elections.

At no other time in our history have such efforts been made by a presidential candidate who lost an election or members of his political party to claim fraud or try to nullify votes. America is not a banana republic, but these two clowns are catering to the whims of a delusional president, who is pushing baseless conspiracy theories.

George Magakis, Jr., Norristown, Pa.

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