Despite Trump's voter supression efforts, we need to get out and vote (Letters)

Donald J. Trump is a very weak president.  He does the bidding of and kowtows to Kim Jong Un. He thinks he did a great thing by halting arrivals from China in February but it was too little too late. It only halted Chinese nationals not Americans returning from China and the virus was already here from Europe. He didn’t want to upset the stock market because he is afraid of the wealthy and the corporations that support him.  He wanted to continue his rallies so badly that he called the virus “fake news” and a “democratic hoax” for 59 days or more as the virus spread freely. He pushed for reopening way too soon, even for Easter Sunday and is pushing still while more than 1,000 people die each day. The stock market only matters to the wealthy.

South Korea had its first infection the same day the US did. However, President Moon Joe-in was prepared with testing, tracing and quarantine before that first patient became sick. We are heading toward 6 million cases and 200,000 deaths. It’s going to be a long road back because the virus ran wild for so long. If Covid is any measure of weakness, Trump is the weakest leader in the world.

Trump blames former President Obama for not preparing for this possibility during Trump’s first three years in office. The only thing Trump did was to eliminate the virus research group of scientists that Obama left in place after he successfully protected us from Ebola, swine flu and some others.

Trump never takes responsibility, always does what is best for him, always blames others and flouts the law. He totally disregarded the Hatch Act which forbids using federal property like the White House for campaigns. We need to stand up and vote in spite of Trump’s voter suppression effort and get him out of office and indicted.

Malita Brown, Wilbraham

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