Disagrees with Bill Adams op-ed (letter)

In response to Bill Adams’ op-ed (“The Republican Party still can be trusted in Lancaster County,” Dec. 6 Perspective section): I was newly eligible to vote in 1964 and voted for Barry Goldwater. I voted for every Republican presidential candidate since then until 2016.

I, too, read Ann Womble’s Nov. 29 op-ed (“Reflections from a former Republican on the fact-free GOP”). My head only went up and down.

While the Republicans may have a record of good governance, it all went out the window when they started drinking the Trump Kool-Aid. Where was Adams when praised white supremacists in Virginia? Where was Adams when Trump cozied up to and denigrated our NATO allies? Where was Adams when Trump seemingly blackmailed Ukraine? Where was Adams when Trump summarily fired public servants because they testified truthfully? Where was Adams when Trump downplayed the coronavirus and more and more people got sick and died?

Adams didn’t mention that the majority of Republican members of Congress have failed to acknowledge the results of the 2020 election. Removing the Trump stain on Republicans will not be done with platitudes about previous good works. It could start by condemning Trump’s crazy pursuit of false claims of election fraud. It would be ameliorated by Congress moving now to address the health and well-being of the nation.

Trump’s presidency is going into history as a stain on Republicans, our reputation in the world and on American democracy. With few exceptions. It will be a long time and require much repentance on their part before I will ever trust a Republican.

Dale Chadwick

Lancaster Township

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