Irina Shayk causes uproar as she reads up on Vladimir Putin, fans say 'burn the disgusting book'

Russian supermodel and Victoria Secret veteran Irina Shayk looked unbelievably luminous in a new photograph she shared with her 13.5M followers on Instagram. However, the reading material in her hand took the focus away from her radiant visage with throngs of her fans flooding the comment section to voice their confusion and displeasure about the book she was reading.

Shayk had donned a grey sweatshirt along with paisley patterned trousers and had minimal makeup on with a pop of color on her lip in the photograph. “Staying home in my @suspiciousantwerp,” she wrote in the caption. 

She was also wearing her endearing and bright smile in the photograph which saw her sprawled onto the couch with the left hand raised above her head, clutching Russian journalist Leonid Mlechin’s new book ‘Путин’, which directly translates to ‘Putin’.

Shayk aimed at promoting the brand Suspicious Antwerp through her photo and it was confirmed when she tagged the brand as well as used the hashtag stating herself as a partner to the brand. However, the book managed to garner more attention. One fan wrote, “I’m way more interested in what you’re reading.”

While another pointed out that her support for the controversial leader would be unlikely or hypocritical, as Putin pushes to uphold ‘traditional family values’ and condemns homosexual unions. 

“Do you seriously reading that garbage? Time to unfollow you I guess,” wrote another fan.

“I am Russian and I don’t know anybody who would buy a book about Putin. For what reason have she published this photo? Can’t imagine. The worst president,” wrote another who was aghast after seeing the photo.

Another strongly-worded comment read, “Burn this book! It’s disgusting! Putin is a tyrant and dictator, he kills both his people and all people on the planet.”

“Why are you supporting Putin? You are living in the USA, but we are staying in Russia, in country where the government didn’t support their citizens during pandemic! People and businesses are suffering here. Poverty is everywhere in Russia, while Putin takes all money and all his friend’s oligarchs! (sic)” questioned another fan.

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