Dominion Resources→”Minions”→Illumination Entertainment→the Illumanati→”Deep State.” Of course! Just follow the money, the fraud and the fake news. It all makes perfect sense.

At least to “the most insane people you know,” in the words of Ritholtz Wealth Management adviser Josh Brown, who flagged this chart from JPMorgan JPM, +1.71% strategist Michael Cembalest.

Josh Brown wants you to send this election conspiracy chart to 'the most insane people you know'

Brown described the chart as Cembalest’s “guide to understanding the massive wave of election fraud that’s currently threatening our democracy,” and he urged readers of his popular Reformed Broker blog to “take this seriously before the pizza parlor baby-eaters take over.”

As for Cembalest, well, he was just having some fun.

“To see if I could understand the election process more clearly,” he told clients in a note, “I fed swing-state voter data, news stories and select Twitter feeds into our neural network model.”

While his visual is “obviously satire,” Cembalest acknowledged that he believes the election process still raises some questions that should be answered going forward..

“A post-mortem on how elections are conducted with large absentee ballot shares is a good idea,” he wrote. “And I also think the Supreme Court should clarify what state legislatures and courts can and cannot do regarding election law changes.”

Having said all that, is still possible, even now that the Electoral College has cast 306 votes for and even Mitch McConnell and have recognized him as president-elect? “Yes, technically,” Cembalest said, “but it would take a series of highly unlikely and improbable events.”

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