Letter: Putin must enjoy seeing America's self-destruct

Putin must enjoy this

To the Editor: While we have been enthralled by the freak show referred to the election, the Trump administration has been busy increasing the threat to our national security. Recently, the Pentagon puppets installed after the election are trying to destroy two specially modified OC-135B surveillance aircraft used to overfly Russia and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been pulling us out of the Open Skies Treaty, which informs 34 countries on what is going on within our borders and Russia’s. Our failure to remain in this treaty is an intelligence coup for Russia and a direct threat to us and our allies.

The Russians won’t worry about treaty members learning about their troop and weapon movements along their borders. Marshalling forces for invasion will be secure. Secretary Pompeo’s excuse for this unmitigated disaster is the Russians will not let us fly over some of their territory for several years and is the primary reason for our departure from this treaty. The intelligence and transparency value of this treaty to us and Russia’s neighbors cannot be over emphasized or replaced. For the U.S. to pull out of this treaty is another reward for President . With America’s election chaos and disinformation, deserting our allies in Syria, and reducing our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, Putin must enjoy seeing America self-destruct. Wake up people, with Trump’s help Putin has sown the seeds of distrust and doubt within the American heartland; a strategy employed successfully by Vladimir Lenin.


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