Delegation must stand by election

Science has proved that that anyone can be convinced that President Trump has done and is doing everything right, if they only listen to sources that support President Trump. We can be assured that President Trump’s supporters will do everything possible to support him even if what he says is a lie or what we unfortunately now call “misinformation.”

I am a conservative and registered Republican. Sen. Mitt Romney has spoken loudly with his voice and actions that any Republican or Republican-leaning senator, representative or citizen should support our election and Constitution, not a party or an individual. Everyone should demand that there should be a quick and efficient transfer of power.

Contacting our senators or representative to ensure that there is a quick and efficient transfer of power is a win for our allies and a loss to our known adversaries such as Russian President .

Please contact our congress members so you can tell your friends and especially your children and grandchildren that you did your part to support our Constitution. We can save lives that might be lost to the COVID-19 virus with because of a contentious transfer of power.

Silence is not option. Our congressional delegation should use all types of media to show its support for a quick and unencumbered transition of power.

Sen. Ben Sasse has started the process. Sen. Deb Fischer needs to join the effort.

James R. Frederick, Lincoln

President ought to behave better

I was 9 years old and shooting hoops with my best friend on the driveway. He was much better at sinking the ball than I was. He beat me in all four games. I didn’t like that at all. Being a loser was embarrassing, so I accused him of cheating.

In no way was I ever going to admit that he was clearly better at basketball. Somehow he had unfairly won the games. I stormed into the house, pouted and scrunched up an ugly scowl on my face, refused to go outside for the rest of the day. I might even have kicked something. Don’t remember, but possible.

You’d expect a 9-year-old to act like a spoiled brat. But never would you expect it from the president of the United States of America.

Roger W. Eschliman, Lincoln

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