Letters to the Editor 8-9-2020: Fitness facilities and moral lessons

Why not re-open fitness facilities?

I have owned a successful boutique fitness studio, Rock Your Body Pilates, in Shelby Township, for six years.

We, of course, have been ill-affected by the pandemic, as have most businesses throughout Michigan. But while almost all businesses in Michigan are now open — including casinos, strip clubs, nightclubs and bars – my business sits empty,but still garners bills.

It is unfair we are being grouped with large gyms that can house hundreds of people. Our 2,000-square-foot space houses 10 Megaformer machines, which we have already spaced out to be a comfortable 6 feet apart. We have purchased hundreds of dollars in increased safety measures, including social distance markers, extra hand sanitizing stations and Plexiglas dividers for our receptionist’s desks. Reservations have always been required, further allowing us to monitor who enters our studio.

We are doing our part. When will the state of Michigan and Gov. Whitmer do theirs?

We cannot continue for much longer. If there was a light at the end of the tunnel – like at least communicating when Gov. Whitmer hopes to open gyms – that would give us hope. The lack of communication, the constant guessing game, isn’t fair.

We believe COVID-19 is real. But we also believe small gyms and fitness studios such as ours should be allowed to open safely with proper social distancing measures in place.

Ashley Denryter

Shelby Twp.

Who teaching who about morals?

I recently received a request for contribution funds from Nancy Pelosi who accused of being a bully. She accused him of abandoning our allies, doing ’s bidding and not standing up for the Constitution, our national security and the American people. She also accused President Trump of having “yes-men” among his billionaire allies to use their money to tear down the House Democratic firewall. Is this the firewall that is allowing, with “funding from their billionaires,” Antifa and paid trouble makers to get away with utter destruction and burning of black businesses and shopping areas?

Some civic leaders look the other way and justify the havoc of having our statues pulled down and our history destroyed. Yes, this history shows us our successes, our failures, our progress and what our future goals need to be to really have justice for all. Our national security and the American people who are legal citizens have been the foundation in taking responsibility for building communities and families on a strong work ethic so that taxes should cover our country’s costs. We are told that we need to “open our borders” to everyone, including criminals, and pay for their daily needs and health expenses. Should our world governments apply pressure on the home governments to provide for their own needy citizens?

Carol Chupick

Chesterfield Twp.

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