Matvienko pointed to the absence of reasons for the shortage of drugs in Russia

Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko at a plenary meeting on Wednesday, November 18, said that there are no grounds for a shortage of drugs in the country. According to her, all medicines are produced in the required volume.

“Previously, the shortage of medicines was partially associated with labeling, this topic was worked out, the government quickly made a decision, this reason is closed,” she said.

According to her, if there are interruptions, then this is a question for the regional authorities, which should monitor the situation.

In addition, Matvienko noted that the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the country should not be used for commercial purposes. In this regard, the speaker of the Federation Council asked her colleagues to monitor the situation in the regions with the availability of drugs in pharmacies.

On November 12, representatives of the pharmaceutical market reported a shortage of antibiotics and antiviral agents in pharmacies. As the executive director of the SRO Association of Independent Pharmacies and the head of the Alliance of Pharmaceutical Associations Viktoria Presnyakova told Izvestia, drug shortages have arisen in almost all regions of the country. The expert named an incorrectly working drug labeling system as one of the reasons.

In early November, several regions at once reported a shortage of some drugs in pharmacies. Thus, at first, the Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region Sergey Bondarev said that there is a shortage of six types of drugs for influenza and ARVI in the region’s pharmacies. Then the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, after complaints from local residents, instructed members of the republican headquarters to combat coronavirus to solve the problem of drug shortages in pharmacies in settlements of some regions of the republic. In turn, the Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, noted the continued shortage of certain drugs in the city that are used in the treatment of COVID-19, which, in his opinion, is associated with increased demand among the population.

Against this background, the Prime Minister of the country extended the simplified procedure for registering drugs for COVID-19 for a year and signed a decree on simplifying the procedure for labeling drugs against the backdrop of increased demand for medicines and epidemiological conditions, as well as on the creation of a federal center for drug provision of citizens in Russia.

Moreover, six associations of pharmaceutical manufacturers in July of this year warned that in about three months there would be disruptions in the supply of medicines due to the procedure for introducing unmarked medicines into circulation.

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