Our view: We shouldn't rely on Putin's word regarding anything

In a recent Russian election in a far eastern province, ’s candidate representing his United Russian Party lost by a large margin to Sergei Furgal of the Liberal Democratic Party. Furgal received 69.7 percent of the vote.

So what did Putin do?

Not unexpectedly, Furgal was arrested and jailed on murder charges dating back 15 years.

So much for Russian democracy.

President ’s desire to build a Trump Hotel in Moscow is well known. But any relationship with Putin is bound to be detrimental to the U.S. He is Russia’s authoritarian president and is no friend of U.S. democracy as we understand it.

Democracy is alien to Putin’s world concept and Trump should understand that taking Putin’s word — as opposed to intelligence transmitted by our agencies — is wrongful to America’s well-being as a nation.

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