Putin and Mishustin congratulated workers and veterans of motor transport

congratulated the workers and veterans of the automobile and urban passenger transport of the Russian Federation on their professional holiday. The telegram of the head of state is posted on the Kremlin website.

Day of the worker of road and urban passenger transport is celebrated in Russia on the last Sunday of October.

The Russian leader stated that the development of industry and agriculture, the strengthening of interregional and international relations and the solution of urgent social problems largely depend on the effective and well-coordinated work of all parts of the motor transport complex, as well as on the experience, competence and responsibility of its employees.

Putin stressed the importance of careful attention to improving transport infrastructure, increasing the reliability, safety and availability of transport services and increasing traffic volumes.

The workers and veterans of transport were also congratulated by the head of the Government of the Russian Federation , who noted their contribution to the growth of the economy, the development of the social sphere, industry, agriculture and other sectors. The prime minister wished them trouble-free work and good luck along the way.

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