'Shill for Putin's Pravda!' Sturgeon left fuming as Ruth Davidson unleashes FMQs attack

Scotland’s First Minister fired a dig at Ms Davidson regarding the fact she will soon take a peerage in the House of Lords. However, in retaliation the former Scottish Conservative Party leader slammed Nicola Sturgeon‘s predecessor Alex Salmond regarding the fact he works for Russia’s RT News.  

Referring to Ms Davidson’s entry into the upper Chamber at Westminster, the SNP leader said: “Can I gently suggest to Ruth Davidson that when it comes holding to account and scrutinising politicians, she is really not coming at this from a position of strength.

“Because it is not me who is running way from democratic accountability.”

Ms Davidson, who has accepted the peerage and confirmed she would continue as the constituency MSP for Edinburgh Central until March 2021, replied: “For four months we have had this First Minister stand up and tell the people of Scotland that she doesn’t do party politics.

“Nine minutes it took her, nine minutes it took her to get there.

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“The difference, presiding officer, is this: the former leaders of the Labour Party, the Scottish Liberal Democrats, the Scottish Conservative Party might want to go and serve in another Parliament yes and she thinks that is a bad thing.

“But not a word of condemnation for the former leader of her party that would rather shill for Putin’s Pravda.”

Ms Sturgeon said: “I think all it has taken nine minutes to do today is expose Ruth Davidson’s raw nerve.

“I don’t criticise anyone for wanting to serve in any Parliament.

“I just have an old fashioned preference that they get elected before they do so.”

The pair also clashed regarding the Scottish Government overturning their decision to lower some students’ exam results below what teachers recommended.

Ms Davidson said: “The idea that we’re at the 12th of August over a week after results were issued and people still aren’t clear what’s happening with university places, is ridiculous. One way to build trust back is to be more transparent.

“When the last SQA fiasco happened in 2000, Nicola Sturgeon was in opposition and she insisted that the then Education Secretary and I quote ‘give the Parliament a categoric reassurance that he will make available all papers and correspondence and notes and meetings and phone calls within his department and between his department and the SQA since the start of this year’.

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“The same thing needs to happen now. We know that this Government doesn’t have the best record in making documents available but will she today give that guarantee and will she start by confirming that the Education Secretary did indeed formally back the SQA deeply flawed model?”

Ms Sturgeon replied: “On the issue of university places, in any year the process of university admission goes on for a period of time.

“This year, we’re going to ensure that more places are available for young people and I think that is a good thing.

“That’s a positive thing that should be welcomed across the country.

“In terms of the responsibility of the SQA and the Government, we’ll make whatever Parliament wants available to Parliament.”

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