Ukraine strongly condemns creation of common socio-economic space between Russia, occupied …

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine ‘strongly condemns and does not recognise’ the agreement on the so-called program for the formation of a common social and economic space between Russia and Georgia’s occupied region of Abkhazia. 

It further considers such actions ‘as yet another attempt to annex the Russian-occupied territories of Georgia’.

The Russian Federation continues its aggression against neighbouring states and the occupation of their sovereign territories, grossly violates the principles and norms of international law, and consistently and purposefully undermines international and regional security”, the Ukrainian foreign ministry stated yesterday

The statement also reads that these actions ‘negatively impact the humanitarian situation in the occupied territories of Georgia’. 

In particular, it ‘significantly’ undermines the implementation of the UN General Assembly Resolutions adopted in 2008-2020 on the situation of internally displaced persons and refugees from Abkhazia.

Stressing that Ukraine ‘consistently supports sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, as a strategic partner’, the statement says ‘Russia must stop the process of illegal annexation of the occupied territories of Georgia’ and fulfil its obligations under the August 12, 2008 ceasefire agreement.

Georgian Foreign Ministry has also condemned the adoption of a plan to create a common socio-economic space between Russia and the Russian-occupied Abkhazia region after the meeting of Russian President and de-facto Abkhaz leader Aslan Bzhania on November 12. 

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