VIDEO. The day Vladimir Putin's Labrador frightened Chancellor Angela Merkel who has a phobia …

is not afraid of much, but she is afraid of dogs, and there is one who knew how to use this fear in a totally cynical and Machiavellian way, it is Vladimir Poutine”, tells Marion Van Renterghem, author of the biography , the political UFO (ed. Les Arènes-Le Monde) in the magazine “8:30 p.m. on Saturday” (replay).

During Russian-German talks in 2007, the Russian president’s black Labrador Connie entered the office … “She told me about this episode which marked her considerably during her meeting with Putin, remembers the former President of the Republic François Hollande. She told me that Putin knew she did not like dogs, which had enlightened me quite well on the personality of . “

“The message is readable in the non-verbal”

“We see Putin smiling slightly because, deep down, all this amuses him a lot, believes political communication specialist Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet. This sends the audience a message because they see in this photo that Merkel is scared in the presence of Putin. So the message is readable in the non-verbal. “

The former French head of state knew this phobia of the Federal Chancellor of Germany: “Of course I did not force him to no time Philae [la femelle labrador de François Hollande] who is innocent of everything. In the end, we both worked… without an animal presence. “ The President of the Russian Federation then assured that he knew nothing about ’s fear of dogs.

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