WW3 fears: Putin ramps up war chest with 'world's best' tanks and heavy strike drones

The hi-tech corporation Rostec said it would make deliveries to troops in 2021. On Monday, Sergei Chemezov, the head of Russian defence manufacturer Rostec said: “Serial deliveries of the T-14 tank based on the Armata platform will begin in 2021. This is, undoubtedly, the world’s best tank today.

“In the future, this vehicle will become the main battle tank in the Russian Army.”

He added: “We are advertising this tank to foreign customers.

“This year, it was demonstrated ‘live’ at the Army forum.

“Visitors could come up to it, take a picture of it and touch it.

“It is a pity it has been impossible to demonstrate it abroad yet due to the absence of foreign exhibitions.”

The company has said there will be an autonomous version of the tank.

Mr Chemezov said: “A number of our other enterprises are working on developing such systems.

“Even the Armata was tested as an unmanned tank.

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“Electronics will do all the rest.

“It will accurately determine the distance to the target and aim the gun at it.

“That is, the vehicle uses artificial intelligence elements that help the crew deliver fire.”

The company has also developed a new fleet of heavy strike drones for the Russian military.

The head of Rostec Mr Chemezov announced: “We already have the carriers and the work in this area is being carried out not only by Rostec enterprises but also by the Urals Civil Aviation Plant and Kronshtadt Company.”

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