Boris Johnson calls for 'biggest ever' recruitment drive of women to Parliament

oris Johnson has called for the “biggest ever” recruitment drive of women to Parliament.  

The Prime Minister said he was “proud” that there were more women in Parliament than ever but conceded more needed to be done to reach parity.  

He released a video in support of the 50:50 Parliament cross-party campaign to encourage more women to stand for election.  

He said: “I’m proud that today there more women in Parliament than ever before but if we are going to achieve 50:50 we need the biggest ever recruitment drive of women as candidates, activists and potential MPs.

“Not just because this is about that oldest and most powerful of all political ideas – the equality of all human beings in dignity and rights – though it certainly is about that

“It’s because as I passionately believe if you give men and women the same opportunities you will solve some of the world’s toughest problems.”  

Frances Scott, Founder and Director of 50:50 Parliament told Sky News women faced all sorts of barriers to running, adding: “Women have less time, less money…but also it’s the networks and self-confidence.”  

She added: “We want men and women to encourage brilliant women they know to sign up to stand and then we can help them get selected and elected.”

The film was released ahead of Ask Her To Stand Day this Saturday which marks the 102th anniversary of the Qualification of Women Act, which allowed women to stand for Parliament for the first time.  

Since then, more than 5,000 MPs have been elected but only 552 have been women with men still outnumbering women 2:1.

This week the Standard reported on how senior Tory women were urging the Prime Minister to promote more female voices to his Cabinet.  

Out of the 21 cabinet ministers, just five of them are female, among them Home Secretary Priti Patel. Nearly all government departments are led by men and dominated by men.  

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