Boris Johnson is 'worst Prime Minister ever'; he should resign now – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Oliver Sykes, Liverpool.

Monday, 31st August 2020, 11:24 am

is accussed of being buffoonish – is this fair criticism?

BORIs Johnson is quite simply the worst British Prime Minister in living memory. This is quite an achievement given recent holders of the position.

Comparisons to previous leaders, like Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, are insulting and ludicrous. Can you imagine the wartime premier hiding in a fridge to avoid journalists, or being absent from crucial emergency planning meetings during the greatest national crisis in 75 years?

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And if there was talking to be done in Brussels, ‘Mrs T’ would have been straight over there with her trusty handbag to win the best deal for Britain.

during a secondary school visit – does he display sufficient statesmanship?

This is what she did when she drove the creation of the European Single Market and negotiated the UK rebate which meant we paid less than comparable countries to enjoy the benefits of the EU club.

Mr Johnson brings nothing to the role of Prime Minister other than a massive personal ambition and a buffoonish personality which some have apparently found entertaining in the past, but which now appears hackneyed and unsuited to the serious times we live in. Mr Johnson should now put the nation first, acknowledge his own personal failure, that of his government, and of the ‘Brexit’ project. He should resign and call fresh elections so that the UK has credible leadership in an uncertain world.

From: Paul Burns, Knaresborough.

WE must brace ourselves locally and nationally for tough times as a result of , but the rather blasé attitude in announcing there will be a great number of job losses is typical of an incompetent and talentless government.

In France and Germany greater efforts are being taken to protect jobs, even at the expense of reduced working hours, spreading the hit. Government at every level should be engaging with trades unions in order to learn how those in the line of fire wish to be treated. Random Yorkshire families cannot just be abandoned.

From: Thomas Reed, Harrogate.

THIS has to be the most unimpressive Cabinet in history – with the exception of Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, and, to a lesser degree, Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, who appears to have a bit of determination about him.

What irritates me is the number of Ministers given briefs which have no correlation to their background. Liz Truss specialised in education, yet she finds herself in charge of trade. It makes no sense.

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James Mitchinson

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