Boris Johnson launches thirty five free schools for special needs and disabilities

Up to 3,000 new school places will be created for children with special educational needs and disabilities. Thirty-five “free schools” staffed with specially trained teachers are expected to open from September 2022 onwards. Two schools will open soly for children who are at risk of being expelled from mainstream education.

The Prime Minister said: “Every child deserves a superb education, regardless of their background or where they grew up, and these new schools will allow those with the most complex needs get the very best start in life.

“We are delivering on our promise to reform our education system to ensure the next generation reach their full potential, and have already committed to increasing funding per pupil in primary and secondary schools.”

Free schools are establishments set up by parents, teachers, charities, academy trusts and existing schools to meet needs in their communities.

Three will be in the North East, six in the North West, five in Yorkshire and the Humber, one in the East Midlands three in the West Midlands, three in the East of England,  four in London, four in the South East, and six in the South West.

The two “alternative provision” schools for children who have been, or are at risk of being, expelled will be in the West Midlands.

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