Boris Johnson not concerned about 'nuisance' Keir Starmer – 'Ahead in the polls'

The latest voting habits undertaken by YouGov show that the Conservatives would receive 43 percent of the vote at a general election, compared to Labour’s 35 percent. Prior to this, they had stood at 44 percent and 35 percent respectively with Labour edging slightly further forward.

Elsewhere, the poll placed the Liberal Democrats on 6 percent of the vote (from 7 percent) the Greens on 5 percent (from 4 percent) and the Brexit Party on 3 percent (unchanged).

But the content remains close in terms of who would make the best Prime Minister.

Currently, one in three (33 percent) would choose , compared to 31 percent for Sir Keir.

An equivalent number of people (33 percent) struggle to choose between the two, and opted for ‘don’t know’.

A Tory source on ’s No 10 team told The Sunday Times they are not concerned by Sir Keir and added: ”He’s more of a nuisance than Corbyn, but we are still ahead in the polls.”

It comes as Sir Keir is expected to use a speech next month to make the party’s position on Brexit clear and to address Tory opinions that he is just a “north London Remainer lawyer”.

But Labour sources told the publication the “biggest opportunity” for the party is when Mr Johnson “makes mistakes” along with his worst traits, which are things “Keir can attack.”

They added: “He’s also our biggest problem. He seems to get away with everything.”

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“While his first year has been a mixed bag, his second can still be a success if he continues to be viewed as the best man to steward Britain out of the current economic hole.

“But if he loses that, and his current poll lead in the process, then by the end of his second year the question might not be ‘how well is he doing?’ but ‘who is going to replace him?’.

YouGov asked 1606 people between August 4th and 5th on people’s voting intentions and choice of Prime Minister.


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