Boris Johnson ordered not to cave on Brexit level playing field -'NEVER be independent'

Conservative peer Lord Moylan argued that Boris Johnson should make some compromises in the Brexit talks with the EU. During an interview with, he claimed compromises would be beneficial for the UK in some areas such as fishing. However, he insisted that the Prime Minister should not concede on the level playing field.

He noted this was how the EU was able to keep surrounding nations under their control and he warned the UK would never be independent.

Lord Moylan said: “Well the fishing issue is inherently subject to compromise.

“This is as long as they recognise that it is our waters because we can’t take all the fish as we don’t have the fleet to do it.

“A transition period of some sort be it over three years or the European Union might say 10 years.

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“Some sort of transition period in exchange for a trade deal or as part of a trade deal makes sense.”

Lord Moylan warned of the dangers of compromising on other contentious issues in the Brexit trade deal talks.

He said: “The real compromise that he must not make is to do with the governance of the level playing field.

“What the European Union wants is an arrangement very similar to what they call an association agreement, so it is all tied up in one package.

The Brexiteer reflected on why it was important for to continue to resist.

He said: “We must not agree to that because if we do we will always be a country in the EU’s orbit.

“We will never be an independent country. We would be like Switzerland, a country in their orbit having to listen to the EU all the time.

“We would then have no say and the rest of the world won’t see us as an independent nation.”

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