Boris Johnson reportedly will announce "Freedom Passes" as part of new COVID-19 lockdown …

The current lockdown in the United Kingdom is set to end on the 2nd of December, and the government are preparing plans for that date.

It has been stated that special ‘freedom passes’ may be provided to individuals that will allow them to live a ‘normal life’ if they can prove that they have tested negative for the Coronavirus twice a week.

An electronic document would then be given to those who have been given the all-clear to show that they have the freedom to roam.

Details about the freedom passes are still being made by Whitehall officials, who are hoping that next year the country will be back to normal thanks to these passes. 

The certificate will be kept on a phone, according to reports, which would allow people to live a reasonably normal life until the government’s vaccination programme gets up and running. It will also make it possible for Britons to get away without wearing a mask and they will able to visit relatives and friends without having to use social distancing measures as long as they have two negative Covid tests in a week.

is set unveil the scheme tomorrow when he addresses the nation about his Covid Winter Plan.

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