Boris told to ditch 'pointless' plans for new coronavirus lockdown amid second wave fears

Coronavirus has killed more than 41,000 people in the UK and signs of a second wave of infections is currently sweeping across Europe, the US and Asia. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has insisted the Government will continue to take action locally but has refused to rule out another nationwide lockdown if cases of COVID-19 surge again.

However, a poll of almost 3,000 readers has found the Prime Minister should not be making plans for a second lockdown.

The survey conducted on Sunday August 30 between 1.52pm and 8.30pm asked 2,996 readers “Should Boris make plans for a second coronavirus lockdown?”

The clear majority of people, 58 percent (1,756) thought contingency plans should not be made and voted no.

But, 41 percent (1,198) thought planning should be conducted for another lockdown and voted yes.

Meanwhile, just one percent (42) remained unsure and said they did not know.

A number of readers let their feelings known in the comments section, with many insisting people would flout the rules and the economy had taken a big enough hit from the first lockdown in March.

One user said: “No, the economy has been ruined enough. It has been proven to either mutated into much less dangerous to the healthy individual, or was never a danger to a healthy person in the first place. By all means help the vulnerable.

“But if you bankrupt the country what will the survivors have to come back to?”

A second reader said: “No point planning another lockdown because most people are completely ignoring the existing precautions.”

A third user commented: “People should be allowed their freedom. Masks, isolation for the individuals who think their health require them is perfectly okay.

“Personal hygiene and personal fitness will go a long way to protect oneself.”

Meanwhile, a fourth simply said: “No more lockdown we can’t carry on like this.”

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“We don’t rule that out, but we don’t want to see it.”

His comments come as local COVID-19 restrictions were eased in northern England, which will allow social gatherings between two homes from Wednesday in Bolton, Stockport, Trafford, Burnley, Hyndburn and parts of Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees.

Mr Hancock said a second wave could be “avoidable but it’s not easy”, with schools reopening next week presenting new challenges in stopping the spread of the virus.

The latest figures from the Department for Health showed there had been 1,715 further cases of coronavirus reported on Sunday – an increase from 1,108 on the previous day.

Since the start of the pandemic, 334,467 cases have been confirmed with 41,499 deaths in the UK.

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