Brexit: Boris Johnson to go to Brussels following call with Ursula von der Leyen

THE PRIME Minister is to go to Brussels for an urgent talk with Brexit negotiators. 

In a joint statement with EU Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen, Mr Johnson said the “conditions for finalising an agreement are not there”.

The statement read: “As agreed on Saturday, we took stock today of the ongoing negotiations.

“We agreed that the conditions for finalising an agreement are not there due to the remaining significant differences on three critical issues: level playing field, governance and fisheries.

“We asked our chief negotiators and their teams to prepare an overview of the remaining differences to be discussed in a physical meeting in Brussels in the coming days.”

It comes after an hour-long phonecall between the pair, at the end of a day of talks between UK and EU negotiators. 

Rachel Reeves MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, said:

“Day after day we see this government failing to deliver their promises to the British people and failing to get the deal they promised done.

“Securing a deal is critical to the British national interest for jobs and security. Even at this 11th hour, we urge both sides to get on with reaching an agreement. We can then focus on the job at hand which is securing the economy and rebuilding our country from the pandemic.”

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