Brexit 'won't be done' on Dec 31 as Boris Johnson soon to see 'cracks' in deal with EU

Commentator Jemma Forte predicted a bleak outlook for Britain with Boris Johnson helming the final stretch of Brexit trade deal negotiations. While speaking on the Jeremy Vine Show, she claimed that December 31 will not be the last we hear of Brexit. She suggested that the Prime Minister will likely champion his deal as a great victory regardless of what he comes back with despite the concerns from the country.

Mr Vine asked if Ms Forte’s hopes were rising on securing the end of the Brexit negotiations before the end of the year.

She answered: “My hopes died 4 years ago.

“I think there will be a deal, I think to not have a deal would be a complete dereliction of duty.

“We were promised one, I think the deal will be paper-thin and I think there will be little concessions on both sides.

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“I think at that point will declare himself victorious and come out doing the V-sign.

“There will be a lot of jingoistic language in all the papers, victory and all of that.”

Ms Forte argued that further down the line the cracks in the Brexit trade deal will begin to show.

She added that Brexiteers throughout the political spectrum would also not be satisfied.

“Everybody else will just be a bit dissatisfied and people like me will think what did we do it for.

Ms Forte admitted that she was aware that she was predicting a very negative turn of events but insisted it was what she believes.

She said: “I know this all sounds very pessimistic but I am sorry I am just being a realist.

“This is what I think is going to happen, I think will then resign and so it will rumble on.”

. on Sunday agreed to “go the extra mile” and have the negotiations continue through this week despite the UK and the EU remaining logjammed on fisheries, competition and state aid since March.

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