Coronavirus LIVE updates: Boris Johnson faces Tory revolt as MPs vote on Tier restrictions

“We have 18 pubs, which are all closed. So £18,000 is just insulting.”

Chris Tulloch, managing director of Blind Tiger Inns, a pub chain in the north-west of England, said the Government’s £1,000 payment to “wet pubs” was “insulting”.

“We have 18 pubs, which are all closed. So £18,000 is just insulting. It’s nowhere near enough to help wet pubs,” he told the PA news agency.

“It doesn’t equate to anything like the support we were given initially. They keep referring to what was given in the first lockdown, but that’s now been spent, it’s a separate lockdown.”

He added that the £25,000 the company received for the previous three-month lockdown was “very useful”.

“We’re going to be closed for at least that now, and the new grant just does not compete. It was enough last time, but we need much more to help us now,” he said.

“How can they say this is support with a straight face?… I can just about stomach not being able to open the pubs because of the situation, but having to pay out in excess of £10,000 every week just can’t be right. We need more support.”

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