Ed Miliband: Boris Johnson is playing with our livelihoods

BORIS JOHNSON is ‘playing Russian roulette’ with people’s livelihoods by threatening a no-deal Brexit, said Labour’s Ed Miliband as the trade talks continued yesterday.

The shadow business secretary said leaving the EU without a free trade agreement would be ‘disastrous’, warning of a ‘race to the bottom’.

Mr Johnson has said no deal would be ‘wonderful’ for Britain but Mr Miliband told the BBC’s Andrew Marr: ‘No deal is a disastrous outcome for the country, it is not a wonderful outcome and it is a disgrace, frankly, that said it.

‘This is a man who is cavalier with our national interest and, frankly, Andrew, he is playing Russian roulette with the jobs and livelihoods of people up and down the country.’

Asked if his party would vote for a deal, he said it will ‘look at the detail’ but ‘we’re minded to support it’.

Shadow communities secretary Steve Reed urged the PM to ‘get Brexit done’ — by landing a deal.

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