German TV show mocks Boris Johnson and Brexit in Crown parody 'The Clown'

A German television show has mocked and his Brexit proposals in a spoof of Netflix’s The Crown entitled ‘The Clown’.

Extra3, which airs on public broadcaster NDR, derided the UK’s departure from the European Union and its prime minister in a new comedy sketch which is going viral in the country and now the UK.

Renaming Netflix as ‘Brexnix’, a voiceover on the two-and-a-half minute sketch declared: “From the people who brought you ‘The Crown’ – the epic saga of the Queen – mow comes the ridiculous story of this guy: A notorious buffoon at the head of a country, whose inhabitants tumble down hills to catch cheese. It’s THE CLOWN.”

Turning their attention to Johnson and his attempts to “con” Brits, the voiceover continues: “Somehow, shrewd becomes prime minister with circus acts and sleight of hand.

“But his funniest trick yet is Brexit. He cons Brits into believing fake numbers. And that’s how Mr. Johnson leads them out of the EU.”

Dubbing an actor’s impersonation over clips of the PM, he is heard saying: “I can’t do anything except but grin stupidly. And harvest apples. And I always forget my lines. The director thought it was good.”

The music then changes to Benny Hill, playing clips of Johnson running in shorts and then playing sports.

“In his role as Boris he gets to run around a lot. And he repeatedly lands on his nose.

The sketch cuts to a clip of the Tory leader being interviewed by Andrew Neil – unaware of the key details of his Brexit plans.

“What must happen happens. Mr. Johnson has no idea of real policies. And he knows nothing about EU Brexit regulations.

“And so Brexit spirals into chaos, for 23 seasons. The clown gets tangled up in silly adventures. The negotiations with the EU seem endless. The huge budget bears no relation to the result.”

And mocking Brexit itself and even , the voiceover continues: “But at least we get answers to gripping questions. Why did Ursula von der Leyen park her car so far away from 10 Downing Street?

“What will the UK look like after parting from the EU?”

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“Will Mr. Johnson and his best friend from clown college open up a men’s fashion boutique in Wuppertal?”

And mocking the Tories who wanted a disclaimer at the end to point out parts of The Crown are fabricated, the end text reads that it is “all real – even if you can’t believe it”.

Paul Bentham commented: “Who says the Germans don’t have a sense of humour?”

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