Here's what we will out on miss during Boris Johnson's holiday?

THE Prime Minister is about to take his “well-earned” holiday in Scotland. This despite the pandemic still raging and the country in the worst financial collapse ever known.

I would not, however, expect to see him buying a fridge magnet in Burntisland High Street or hear of him hiring a bike on Millport. I would assume his destination will be considerably less public. So can we analyse what we will be missing when he has his two weeks “abroad” in Scotland?

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Firstly, the daily photoshoot featuring the hard hat will be off the agenda. Secondly, the withering, dithering, flamboyant speeches will be put on hold. Thirdly, the dynamic decision-making, which can do a 180-degree turn in a day, will be suspended or maybe not or maybe could be.

So how will we cope with such a loss? In Scotland we will be left to the mercy of the First Minister, who is so “incompetent” she says she doesn’t see herself having a holiday. Instead of a holiday she will be forced to continue to manage the pandemic as best she can, as well as the hundreds of other problems associated with governing the people of Scotland.

George Kay

WHY do we keep on about a Section 30 order? We don’t need one. Would England need one from Scotland? It’s all a lie – we are a separate country and can end the Treaty of Union at any time. Nicola, set the wheels in motion and let’s end this so-called equal Union.

T Barbour
via email

OH Kirsty Strickland, there must be very few better crackers than your description of Nicola vs Ruth on Wednesday. “Sturgeon, in the manner of a gymnast warming up their muscles for a triple roly-poly jump off the big bar, started off gently…” (Saviour of Scots Tories is back … falling into same traps!, August 13). This time it was my fruit and fibre and not my petit pan au chocolat that took the hit! Oh how I laughed!

Noirin Blackie

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