Is Boris Johnson playing a game of chicken with the Brexit talks?

SURELY the bottom line in this charade of ongoing Brexit negotiations is the situation where Prime Minister Johnson is desperately hoping that the EU negotiators will call a halt to it all, and he will then come out shouting the odds that it is all their fault that negotiations have broken down.

He will then start waving the Union flag as the good guy who was trying his best for Britain.

Hopefully the EU team is well aware of this, and will stay in there to the bitter end and avoid such an outcome.

George M Mitchell

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DOES anyone with more brains than an amoeba, believe a No-Deal Brexit this wasn’t the “grand plan” all along? I know I’ve been saying this since last year. God (or Dominic) alone knows where this is supposed to be leading.

Perhaps, in true Johnsonian style, there is no grand plan and they’re just making it up as they go along, although this is doubtful, as the money men behind this must be intending to make a “killing” on the stock exchange somehow.

Barry Stewart

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