Johnson edges ever closer to realising that the game is up

As bumbling gets ready to face his eureka moment (finally realising that the game is up), one can’t help wondering which of his band of yes-men, or perhaps yes-women will play Brutus.

Britain is nowhere near ready for any kind of controlled exit from the EU and we can look forward to considerable mayhem in three weeks’ time. Can a vaccine be found?

Like his buddy holed up in the White House, Boris will surely bite the dust shortly and both will go down as two of the greatest chancers ever to have held the levers of power. We should be thankful that we in Ireland have, with a few exceptions, been led by leaders who show some signs of thought and empathy, even if planning has been short-sighted.

David Ryan

Derrypatrick, Drumree, Co Meath


UK can’t address intertwined global challenges on its own

Without a Brexit deal, the UK will be left entirely unprotected in the coming storm. This is utterly a plausible scenario. As our world is wracked with political, social and economic injustices, abject destitution, conflicts, environmental degradation, climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, etc, the UK is bound to lose its clout on the global stage and sink into the dark labyrinths of oblivion upon leaving the EU.

The UK cannot address intertwined global challenges on its own.

Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob

London, England


Political dinosaurs are far from extinct in this country

Interesting that some of the same TDs who a few weeks ago were rushing to the defence of hare coursing are now saying they won’t take the vaccine.

I am not in the least surprised that these dinosaurs who have made a name for themselves by promoting the ‘cause’ of backwardness would sink even deeper into the swamp of irresponsibility.

They need to understand that the vaccine won’t deprive them of their unique ability to spout pseudo-scientific gobbledygook or in any way diminish their craw-thumping or dog-whistling capabilities, or their wistful yearning to have the clock turned back a few decades.

There’s an annual festival in Kerry that involves perching a poor goat on top of a high wooden platform, from which he can survey the town and surrounding countryside. When the festival ends, the goat is released back into the wild. I suggest that next time, instead of a goat, a few of the anti-vaccine TDs be made to ascend the ladder in solemn procession and remain perched on-high for the duration of the festivities so that they can be seen and appreciated by all-comers for the ‘cause’ they hold dear: recklessly endangering their own and other people’s health.

When the festival is over, they could be tagged and released back into the wild – but with special electronic monitors attached to them to ensure the preservation of these fine specimens of the Hibernian tyrannosaurus rex that still stalk the Irish political landscape.

John Fitzgerald

Callan, Co Kilkenny


We all know SF supports the IRA, no need to report on it

It seems to me that Sinn Féin TDs have discovered a very clever wheeze for lots of free publicity. It goes like this.

First, make a statement in support of an IRA atrocity. Any one will do. The publicity will follow.

Second, the demand for an apology will create more publicity. Mary Lou McDonald will become involved – more publicity. Then issue a non-apology – more publicity.

There is a very simple solution to this – the media should simply not report on the Sinn Féin TDs’ support for the IRA atrocity. End of free publicity.

Nobody will be deprived of any useful information by this. Statements like the Brian Stanley tweet are really nothing more than coarse re-statements of official Sinn Féin policy.

Anthony O’Leary

Portmarnock, Co Dublin


Department may not be fazed by spelling errors, but they should be

I saw a letter from the educational department at Tusla which contained the word ‘thy’ instead of ‘they’, and the equally astonishing ‘fazed basis’ instead of ‘phased basis’.

Did I mention this letter was concerned with education?

Robert Sullivan

Bantry, Co Cork


Government may need to roll up their own sleeves

Regarding the distribution of the vaccine, perhaps it’s a question of the Government rolling up its sleeves and getting on with it?

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, D9

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