As a heartless, self-important Dickensian Mr Bumble of 2020 Britain, is treating struggling people and communities as undeserving Oliver Twists, a stumbling Prime Minister woefully out of touch with the national mood.

Denying needy children any dinner during school holidays, let alone any more, this leader who built a career on populism reveals his reactionary true blue colours.

Cynical and a serial liar, Johnson has never cared about anyone except himself for most of his life so he isn’t going to change in Downing Street.

Forcing a second Parliamentary vote, Keir Starmer is the leader of a Labour Party nosing ahead in opinion polls and wisely giving a voice to folk abandoned or disgusted by Johnson.

Every council, restaurant, cafe, chippy and pub vowing to feed kids the PM would let starve sends No10’s immoral tenant a stinging rebuke.

Kevin Maguire: 'Boris Johnson's Dickensian slip up shows he's out of touch'

Starmer’s deputy, Angela Rayner, correctly apologised for branding Tory Chris Clarkson “scum”. But let us never forget the greater crime was 318 Tory MPs, who enjoy subsidised meals in the House of Commons, voting to leave young stomachs empty.

The Tories’ ideological hostility to using public spending and intervention for the public good is why the Government is unable to respond coherently to a pandemic destroying lives and livelihoods.

Toxic Tory Ben Bradley, claiming free school meals vouchers in the summer were used as cash for crack dens and brothels, attempting to undermine the scheme reveals a sneering, poisonous view of breadline families infecting Johnson’s ranks.

Children are lucky to have Marcus Rashford on their side, and when unemployment soars, a wider backlash against Johnson will rise with it.

I was tearful reading the accounts of workers in a £4.5billion music industry effectively shut down by the Government with 170,000 jobs potentially lost by the end of the year.

Grafters like sound engineer Liam Halpin, suffering depression and anxiety. To devote 28 years building a successful company, touring with the likes of Tom Jones and The Who, then seeing that business jeopardised by virus restrictions is traumatic.

Johnson continues to fail health and wealth tests. How long will Tory MPs tolerate him? Hungry children are not his only victims. Wage cuts, job losses and collapsed firms are his legacy as much as fatalities.

No wonder the Mr Bumble of our era is despised as much as his Victorian forebears. Today’s Oliver Twists, young and old, will have their revenge.

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