Labour accused of pushing Boris to surrender to EU 'at final hour' in BBC Andrew Marr row

Andrew Marr claimed that Labour was pushing to surrender to the EU on key Brexit red lines. The BBC host accused Shadow Cabinet Office minister Rachel Reeves of wanting “to fold at the final hour”. This comes as the last-ditch talks resume in Brussels today, in what British sources describe as a “final throw of the dice”.

Mr Marr said: “You’ve said ‘the British people were promised a deal and with time running out we urge both sides to get on with reaching agreement’.

“That sounds like you favour a deal at any cost.”

Ms Reeves responded: “We want a deal, that’s what the British people were promised less than a year ago.”

The BBC host fired back: “But to get the deal that you want the Government clearly have to move on fishing.”

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He continued: “The fishing industry have said that anything given away now will not be regained.

“Will Labour support giving away positions on fishing and the level-playing field?”

The Labour shadow minister said: “On fishing, we do want access to the fish in our waters, but we also want to be able to sell the fish to the EU.

“More than 80 percent of what I caught in our waters is exported to th European market. EU countries Its essential we can catch that fish but also sell it to markets.”

She explained: “Let’s see. At the moment the priority is to get a deal but we’ll have to look at the content of a deal but also any legislation that comes to Parliament.

“We’re not going to give them a blank cheque but I think I have been very clear both today and on previous programmes with you, Andrew, that the most important thing is the Government gets a deal.”

When Mr Marr pointed out that the content of a potential deal was already well-known to the public, Ms Reeves continued to dodge the question.

She said: “We can’t say how we’re going to vote in a hypothetical vote without seeing the legislation.

“Keir Starmer and myself will make sure we understand the implications of any legislation before voting on it.”

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