Letters: 'I hope the conservative party will soon be ditching Boris Johnson, but Mr Sunak is not the …

RISHI SUNAK has emerged as about the only sensible member of a Government which is otherwise populated by incompetents, from the top down.

It is refreshing to hear someone in our current Government telling the truth for a change; we face a difficult economic future, and there is certainly no way the Chancellor can protect everyone’s job.

This is in marked contrast to ’s ridiculous optimism, with his talk of the UK’s “world-beating” test and trace system, which isn’t, or “we will be back to normal by Christmas”, which we won’t be.

Having said this, there is certainly much to criticise in Mr Sunak’s plans for our economy’s future, and I await to see whether he will support the “no-deal” Brexit, which looks increasingly likely, and which will inflict further unnecessary damage on our economy. I hope the Conservative Party will soon be looking to ditch (and Dominic Cummings), but I do not accept that Mr Sunak is necessarily the best they have to offer as an alternative.

Alan Jordan, Middridge.

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