OPINION: In response to Gideon, Boris Johnson is no hero…!

IN RESPONSE to a letter last week, one reader – Pip Davies of Oswestry – makes their feelings known on the Prime Minister.

It’s this week’s opinion…

is no hero

Having read, and reread, the letter from Gideon Digby in last week’s Advertizer, I felt a need to reply to it.

Was it sarcasm, or his belief that Johnson deserved a “pat on the back”? I concluded it was the latter.

Gideon describes Johnson as “masterful” and “consummate” (showing great skill and flair).

Then perhaps he should elaborate as to what has been his skill and flair since being in office?

He was elected on a promise of ‘”getting Brexit done”, this has not happened, and has, in fact, been delayed numerous times.

In February, we were warned that a pandemic was about to hit us, Johnson did not take this seriously, even admitting to shaking hands with patients in a hospital, advocating “herd immunity”, allowing millions of overseas visitors to come through our airports/seaports to spread the disease, allowing the movement of elderly people from hospital into care homes without testing, allowed sporting events to go ahead, including European football, and Cheltenham races, lack of PPE, PPE that was not fit for purpose, etc etc.

He has been an abject failure throughout this Covid crisis. All very “consummate”?

What is this “masterful approach” in dealing with the EU? I do not believe that the EU have been putting any obstacles in our way, or “gerrymandering”, this is pure spin, put forward by Johnson, his government and right wing press barons, to whip up hatred of anything slightly foreign.

It is the UK Government that have been “flip flopping” around like a half-dead fish for four years.

Johnson is a proven liar, philanderer, has a record of wasting taxpayers money on vanity projects, and is only in his position because of Brexit.

It is looking very likely that he will fail at that too.

Gideon uses the words “lugubrious and shibboleths” when talking of the opposition party’s, well, those words could, equally, be thrown at the Tory Party.

However, words like that tend to divide the populous, a populous that is already (due to Brexit) deeply divided. Perhaps Gideon is suggesting that we should all think the same?

Isn’t that just the advocating a dictatorship, akin to Orwell’s 1984?

May I suggest Gideon tries looking at both sides in order to gain a more objective view.

Politics, in this country, is not fit for purpose at the moment, and that goes for all the main parties.

Johnson does not, in my opinion, need a pat on the back, however, he does need a good kick up the backside.

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