'Rasode mein kaun tha' bilateral issue between India and Pakistan, says Boris Johnson

LONDON/ISLAMABAD/NEW DELHI: UK Prime Minister has reiterated that the most burning question of 2020, ‘rasode mein kaun tha’, the solution of which has been sought the world over, is a bilateral issue between South Asian nuclear rivals India and Pakistan.

During question period in the United Kingdom’s parliament on Wednesday, the video footage of the crisis was aired, as the PM faced the geopolitically complex query ‘rasode mein kaun tha’, with possible solutions ranging from, ‘main thi’ to ‘tum thi’ traversing the entire gamut through ‘main thi, tum thi, kaun tha’.

“Our view is that of course, we have serious concerns about what is transpiring in the rasoda,” remarked PM Johnson after two loud proclamations of ‘kaun tha’ echoed in the British parliament.

“We know what is happening between India and Pakistan. These are pre-eminently matters between those two governments to settle,” Johnson added.

Commenting on the matter, Indian Congress MP Shashi Tharoor maintained that it was quite obvious who was in the rasoda.

Rasode mein, indubitably, British Raj tha. One shouldn’t let Gopi Bahu’s zugzwang or Kokila Ben being a snollygoster, forestall facts,” Tharoor said while talking to The Dependent.

“Cooker mein se channay nikaal diye, aur khaali cooker gas par charha diya – it this doesn’t describe the British Raj, I don’t know what does. The British floccinaucinihilipilification of indigenous Indian goods is a centuries-old phenomenon. and the British government need to apologise and pay reparations for, among other assets, the defenestrated channay from the rasoda,” he added.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, acknowledging that the matter had now taken regional, nay global significance, said that no one is better placed to comment on who actually was in the rasoda.

Dekhein Dependent, maine rasode ko bohat qareeb se dekha hai. Ghar ki auraton ka channay aur cooker par larna, kissi bhi muaashray ki naakaami hai,” the Pakistani premier said while talking to The Dependent.

When asked to comment on his good friend ’s remarks, PM Khan replied that he was confident that the UK prime minister wasn’t in the rasoda.

“He’s currently occupied with finalising the separation of UK from the EU, he can’t simultaneously be responsible for the separation of the channay from the cooker,” Khan maintained.

During the UK parliamentary session on Friday, Johnson was asked to comment on the official British policy on the rasoda, and if the government condemns Rashi Ben.

“I can’t vouch for what Rishi Sunak has been up to in recent months,” the UK PM said

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