THE UK Government’s scheme urging ballet dancers to retrain as IT workers went down about as well as you’d expect.

That’s to say it was about as welcome as Dominic Cummings at a civil service Christmas party, or anywhere in Scotland.

The now infamous “Fatima” ad was part of the Government’s Cyber First campaign, which urged the public to “rethink”, “reboot” and “reskill”.

Tory chiefs torn apart as Twitter mocks 'Fatima' retraining campaignThe UK Government wants Fatima to ‘rethink reskill reboot’

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Unfortunately for Downing Street, they don’t seem to have convinced everyone that retraining ballerinas is a good idea.

Social media users did, however, think of some people who may benefit from a career change.

Here are a few of the best takes on the Cyber First ads.

First up is the Prime Minister, with onlookers concluding that we’d all be better off if he did pretty much any other job.

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The PM’s most trusted adviser and his hapless ministers also got the “Fatima” treatment.

Tory peer and apparent medical expert Dido Harding wasn’t spared either.

Seems it’s not us that need to have a rethink – it’s the UK Government.

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