'Anything Can Happen': Projections Show Joe Biden Doesn't Need Florida But Political Expert …

BROWARD (CBSMiami) – Three weeks from Election Day, both presidential campaigns want to claim Florida’s electoral votes. Current projections show former Vice President doesn’t need the state to win the White House.

“We win Florida and it’s all over,” Biden told a crowd in Miramar.

The hopeful spoke during a drive-in style rally.

That wasn’t his only stop.

“This president cares more about the stock market than the well-being of seniors,” he told seniors in Pembroke Pines.

Why these two events? Experts say he has a slight edge with support among Florida seniors.

This close to Election Day, making sure people, especially minorities, actually vote is key. That’s why there’s a push among Democrats to get people to vote.

“Anything can happen within the next three weeks, particularly as it relates to voter turnout in five our 6 counties,” Randy Pestana said.

Pestana is with the Institute of Public Policy at Florida International University. He says President Trump fared better among seniors in 2016.

Tuesday, the president tweeted a picture portraying Biden with seniors and the caption “Biden for Resident” instead of president.

Pestana says the president’s increase in support from Latin and Hispanic voters could offset the loss from the senior voting bloc. One reason Florida is too close to call.

“The Cubans don’t vote all the same. Venezuelans don’t vote just like the Cubans. There’s differences. Different issues that matter,” Pestana said.

President Trump was in Pennsylvania Tuesday.

“Biden is a servant of the radical globalists, wealthy donors, the big money special interest who shipped away your jobs,” the president told the crowd.

But he’s planning to be back in South Florida Thursday and in Ocala Friday.

“The boating parades, the actual car parades. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the president, particularly in the northern part of the state,” Pestana said.

Current projections show Biden has a path to 270 electoral votes without Florida.  Even though people are worried about the possibility of delayed elections results, Pestana says we may have an answer sooner than we think.

“The reality is, you’ll get a good indication of who will win the election once we get the Florida results,” Pestana said.

Both nominees have different styles for campaigning in a pandemic. The president likes to larger rallies outside with no social distancing. In Miramar, Biden supporters were asked to stay in or near their cars.

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