As in 2016, endorsement is wrong again

The Daily Herald’s endorsement for doesn’t surprise me. The Daily Herald has a reputation for not only being liberal, but factually wrong. In the 2016 election the Herald went “whole hog” for Hillary Clinton because they felt was unfit. Turns out that Hillary was the one unfit.

Starting with “what difference does it make” when four of America’s ambassadors were killed in Benghazi and then multiplied by her starting a fraud campaign with the U.S. intelligence agencies about a Russian involvement in our 2016 elections connected to President Trump. The ax is about to fall on that disaster very shortly.


Now back to . He has been in Washington for over 40 years and it shows. He has done nothing on his own and is now the empty suit for the DNC which is being controlled by Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris. He will not last four years and likely not one.

The Daily Herald can complain about President Trump’s style all they want, but in the end, he says what he will do and does everything he can to get it done. In that regard, his record speaks for itself.

If Joe is elected, the Daily Herald founder’s motto of “Our aim is to fear God, tell the truth and make money” needs to be edited. You can delete the last two.

Richard Francke


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