Awaiting solid news, laptop closes. Maybe.

Enough already! Stop citing the number of votes cast for each candidate as a historical win. Voters came out in record numbers, ergo, both candidates have broken records. It is simple math, not necessarily an indication of their amazing abilities to inspire people to vote! If not for the pandemic, voter turnout may have been much lower. Citizens were forced to sit home in record numbers absorbing all the nonsense and getting lost in the vacuum that is internet media. We are under the illusion that we all formed our own opinions based on information presented to us by our illustrious candidates and the media outlets that support them.

For 2021, I am calling on legitimate journalists (please, not the Grandma’s basement variety) to rededicate yourselves to the validity of the information you are sharing with the world. As for me, I am closing my laptop and never, ever clicking another one of those stories supposedly written by a real news source. Seriously, I am closing it right now, almost there, hang on − just let me read this one last story − it must be true, well half true, anyway, and isn’t that the best we can hope for anymore?

Julie Dionne


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